Newsletter : November 1, 2020

To all Library Members & Users,


It is now official! The Well Log Library has subscribed to WellDataBase to provide well and production data, well activity information and a whole host of other valuable data that can be downloaded by OWLL members. The site is now up-and-running and accessible on Computer #1 at the Library. Our current membership number simply cannot support IHS Enerdeq subscription fees any longer. So, after exploring alternatives and much deliberation, the Board opted to subscribe to a new service – WellDataBase. By subscribing to WellDataBase and discontinuing IHS, the Library Board has saved approximately $48,000 annually which will help keep the Library solvent going forward.

WellDataBase brings some interesting new features. For one, our subscription covers data for ALL of North America, including 546,000 well records and 71,300 production records in Oklahoma alone. If you’re working the Permian, Rockies, Bakken or any other basin, this is a serious expansion of the Library’s data coverage. You can explore the WellDataBase site with a free 3-day trial of the “Plus” package and its expanded features, which is the Library’s plan. Or you might try a free “Lite” membership. Here you can explore the basics and become familiar with the program. This would be very helpful before coming to the Library to access all the bells-and-whistles on the Library’s computer. I hope all will make good use of this resource.

For those of you who rely on the “yellow top” IHS Drilling Wire reports, they will still be available until the end of 2020 when they too will be discontinued. BUT…WellDataBase provides daily updated well activity (i.e. permits, completions, drilling activity) for all of North America, including Western Canada.

Production and well data are available to download in generic formats such as excel, text or csv or import formats for Petra© or GeoGraphix© and even PHDwin© among others.


The Board continues to study the issue of bringing the Library’s scanned data online to users. Online data retrieval is today a hallmark of the modern internet. For some it may provide access to data otherwise out of reach perhaps due to economic or geographic travel restrictions. Geologists, engineers and landmen could all benefit from the Library’s data. However, getting data online for retrieval is expensive but if we could afford it, it would make our extensive and unique data much more valuable to industry professionals for sure. Therefore, we’d appreciate feedback as to your thoughts on this. Would it be worth the expense in light of the current economics of the petroleum industry? We really could use your thoughts and comments to help evaluate this. So please send your comments and ideas to or use the website Contacts page.

Other News

The Library has a considerable amount of donated data (think proprietary well logs and other such data) that needs sorting to make available to members. Mike McGowen and Jeff Pankow have volunteered and begun, but we sure could use more help! Volunteers are needed and would be appreciated. See Mike or Barry at the Library for guidance on this.

The board extends a big THANK YOU to Bob Harmon who has resigned from the Board due to increased work load at his company. Bob did a great job as Secretary and we sincerely appreciate his good work. Fortunately, Scott Schad has volunteered to assume the Secretary duties. Welcome aboard Scott!

I guess that’s about it for this month. Hope everyone has a great and safe Thanksgiving. Use the spirit of a sound mind when gathering with friends and family during the holidays.

Richard Piqune – OWLL President 2020-2021

Previous Newsletters

October 1, 2020

To the Members,

I hope everyone has had a chance to view the changes that have been made to the Library’s webpage, i.e. the addition of the Newsletter, the Contacts page and Scott Schad’s LogCal. The Board feels that these additions will keep the membership better informed as to the workings of the Library and for better communications between the Board and members. The Board hopes that changes on the website will increase the number of people viewing the site and therefore spark more interest in the Library, hopefully increasing its membership.

As mentioned last month that IHS had withdrawn their proposal to reduce their rates for log libraries, therefore the Library has pursued other options for well data and production data. That being said, the Library has dropped its subscription for IHS data and has, or will shortly, enter into an agreement with WellDataBase to provide well, production, and activity data to the Library. This will substantially reduce our cost for such services. With this subscription, the Library will have access to all their data throughout the United States and Canada which should be of great interest to those members working outside of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. The only drawback with their service is that the production data only begins with 1990, therefore members will need to search other data bases for production prior to 1990. Fortunately, the OWLL has such data available to its members. WellDataBase also provides a free version that can be downloaded to a member’s work or home computer that will give them the basics of the system. The free version it limited in what it can do but it will allow the member to become familiar with it before coming to the Library. The survival of the Log Library depends on reducing expenses as much as possible and the Board feels that with the subscription to WellDataBase, the Library can still providing adequate information for its members at a very reasonable cost.

Gary Carnaghi, vice president of the OWLL, has reported that there are a number of boxes full of donated logs, mudlogs, maps, etc. that need to be examined and put on the shelfs. If you have an hour or two to spare, your assistance in this regard would be most appreciated.

The Board is exploring different avenues to advertise the OWLL. Suggestions have been made to advertise in the Shale Shaker and on the TGS website. These suggestions will be pursued. If you have further suggestions in this regard, please feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments box on the Contact page on the OWLL website at

If you value the Log Library and the data that has been collected and preserved since its inception in 1960, I ask that you continue to support the Library. Much of the data currently at the Library can be found nowhere else, especially the old historical production data and scout tickets.

If you have ideas for the OWLL, the Board meets every third Wednesday of the month. All are welcome to attend. The next Board meeting will be held on October 21st at noon at the Log Library.

Be strong and stay healthy.
Richard Piqune - President

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