Data Logging

How to use data-logging:

Open the Water Saturation (Archie) program and scroll to the bottom of the page. See the input box labeled "Recording?"

This box records the input values and results for every calculation, until you click on "Help," "Reset," or navigate to another screen.

Make a few calculations, select all the text in the Recording box and copy it. Then open a spreadsheet:

Here I've opened the spreadsheet in the free LibreOffice suite. Select "Edit" and then "Paste." In the dialog window that pops up, click on the comma-separated-values option.

This loads your water saturation calculations into columns. Each row is a different depth.

Here is the same spreadsheet, now edited to show formation names. Isn't that better than writing down all of your calculations?

Don't have a spreadsheet handy? If you are working on a phone or a tablet without a spreadsheet, you can still copy the text and paste it into a note or an email.