About the Oklahoma Well Log Library

The Oklahoma Well Log Library was formed in March 1960 by a group of independent Geologists requiring a data library. Through donations by individuals, companies and universities, the log library expanded rapidly. By the mid-1960’s, over 75,000 electric logs had been acquired. Membership had risen to over 100.

The log library accumulated data at a steady pace with several relocations necessary due to growth. During the 1970’s, wildcat logs, strip logs and production data were added. Additionally, columinous amounts of propriety geological data were donated by retiring geologists and oil companies. By April, 1980, over 500 members were using the library facilities. In 2017, The Library moved to it's present location at 616 S. Boston. All new storage, equipment, chairs and copying machines were acquired.

A technology committee was formed to advise the Board of required equipment to keep the library relevant. In 2001, personal computers were added to facilitate access to computer-based data and online data. In 2002, computer facilities were upgraded as well as business capabilities for the staff.

Today the Oklahoma Well Log Library maintains an elevated professional work atmosphere with the highest quality data coverage and service available in the Mid-Continent region.

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